Through the pairing of unconventional methods with unrealised relationships my work aims to explore possibilities, connections and interactions to create convoluted off-beat contraptions.

“I do not have a preferred subject or medium, but rather allow the story to unfold through working with processes:
the way things go together, be together, happen together.”

While greatly influenced by technology I am also intrigued by the simplest of constructions whereby Picasso’s Bull’s Head comes to mind. My focus is on concepts that consider ideas of betterment with the need to keep both eyes open which is done by using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques as hybrid processes in a way that questions motivation, desires and reality. Striving is the human trait that makes tomorrow possible, but then Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey triggers a sensitivity, as does The Pussycat Dolls’, “But be careful what you wish for – ‘Cause you just might get it“.

Images, top to bottom:
Collage of various artworks (image by Paul Cooper)
Steam Clock, 2020 (animation by Paul Cooper)
Vinylin, 2016 (photo by Kim Nguyen)
Mean-Meaning-Meaningful, 2017-18 (photo by Kim Nguyen)
Actuality No2, 2018 (photo by Paul Cooper).


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